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Psychological problems and disorders arise in any country of the world, regardless of gender, religion, race, social and ethnic origin. This causes difficulties both for the person himself and for his relatives. If these conditions are not corrected in time, they become more and more chronic and worsen. If we look at world statistics, if in 2000 the global burden of mental disorders was 12.1%, then in 2020 this figure was 15%. Mental and behavioral disorders can led not only to economic and moral damage, but also to great social losses - suicide, violence, bad habits (drug addiction, alcoholism, illegal actions, crimes, etc.). Mental disorders also cause physical problems - diseases.

In our country, the services provided in the system of specialized assistance in this area are increasing more and more. Psychological problems and mental disorders require timely detection and early intervention. Protecting the physical and mental health of people is the main goal of our clinic. Because healthy people are the basis of our healthy society. In our clinic, all conditions have been created to provide high-quality and comprehensive care to such individuals. Diagnostic and corrective work is carried out by specialists using the most effective techniques, psychological methods. In the course of psychodiagnostics, patients’ complaints are analyzed, anamnesis data are collected, clinical scales, surveys, and tests are carried out. The correction program is carried out sequentially on the basis of an accurate diagnosis, in accordance with the needs of the person. You can safely entrust us with your psychological and physical health.

Consultations for children, adolescents and adults at the clinic include:


-Behavior disorders;


-Attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder;

-Anxiety disorders;

-Panic attack;

-Mental retardation and speech development;

-Fear and phobias;

-Obsessive-compulsive disorder;

-Sleep and eating disorders;

-Anxiety of exams, fear of failures;

-Tourette syndrome (tics);

-Sensory integration;

-Cerebral palsy of children;

-Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA);

-Developmental retardation of various genesis.

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Sharafat Shirinli

Clinical psychologist

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