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A psychologist is a person who prepares a treatment plan to overcome the psychological problems that have arisen in people as a result of difficult life experiences. Examining the behavioral patterns of patients, finding the cause of the behaviors that disturb them, and at the same time analyzing the forms of thinking, reactions, and emotions of people, eliminating the source of the problem discovered after various types of tests and evaluations are the main tasks of the psychologists working in our clinic. As a result of treatment using the most modern and effective methods, CBT (Cognitive-behavioral therapy - by working on behavior and thoughts, it changes a person's current automatic negative thoughts to positive ones and eliminates habitual negative behaviors), ART therapy (experiments on emotions are worked on feelings, drawing techniques are used to get rid of negative feelings that disturb the person), EMDR (ignoring and reprocessing with eye movements - it is more trauma work, removing the person's deep traumas from childhood to the present and changing negative feelings and thoughts towards them), patients are helped to free themselves from anxiety, fear and trauma, and at the same time, the symptoms of many mental disorders are also eliminated.

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Sharafat Shirinli

Clinical psychologist

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