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Ozone therapy is successfully used as a supportive therapy in the treatment of a diseased organism. Both molecular oxygen and atomic oxygen have a positive effect on pathological processes in the body. Ozone therapy improves blood circulation, restores the elasticity of the vascular walls and stimulates the immune system. During such treatment, the potential for blood detoxification, i.e., purification from harmful compounds, increases. Ozone therapy also improves tissue nutrition, the regeneration process, accelerates wound healing, affects the elasticity of the erythrocyte wall. It is an anti-inflammatory, effective remedy against bacterial, fungal and viral infections.


Ozone therapy is also used in the treatment of skin diseases, cosmetological problems, allergies, cardiovascular and digestive system organs, gynecological and urological diseases. It also has a highly therapeutic effect on people suffering from diabetes, trophic ulcers, immune deficiency, depression, stress and memory impairment. The destructive effect of this treatment method on viruses has been proven by research. Ozone therapy is the main part of the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome, which is an actual problem of modern times.


Improper lifestyle and long-term work in a closed space tire the human brain, as the biological processes in the body are starved of oxygen,


incompletely decomposed products gradually accumulate in our body. This is manifested by symptoms such as chronic fatigue, breakdown, weakness, drowsiness, and lack of attention.


Ozone therapy procedures are carried out in several forms. A large autohemo-ozone therapy according to the German and Italian methods, is carried out using a German-made apparatus. 150 or 300 ml of blood is taken from the patient and mixed with ozone, while ozone decomposes into molecular and atomic oxygen and combines with red blood cells, enriching the blood with oxygen. This method is very effective for both therapeutic and prophylactic purposes for patients with various chronic diseases and those suffering from hypoxia.


The therapeutic effect of ozone therapy depends on the dose correctly prescribed by the specialist. The dose of ozone is selected individually in each of the listed cases.

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