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All types of skin diseases, hair and nail pathologies are successfully diagnosed, treated and prevented in the dermatology department.

In the Dermatology department

- eczema;

- psoriasis;

- neurodermatitis;

- hair problems;

- atopic dermatitis;

- various allergic dermatoses;

- fungal diseases;

- nail diseases;

- skin diseases of viral origin (herpes, viral dermatoses);

- spots and warts are treated,


at the same time


- face and body mesotherapy;

- biorevitalization;

- carboxy therapy;

- botulinum therapy;

- treatment of hyperhidrosis;

- lipopolis;

- laser coagulation of skin derivatives treatment are being carried out.

Dermatology şöbəsinin həkimləri

Dr. Vagif Samadov


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