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In our clinic,  brain and spinal blood circulation disorders (ischemic, dyscirculatory, encephalopathy), brain and spinal traumas, extrapyramidal disease (parkinsonism, chorea, muscular dystrophy, Murreta syndrome), epilepsy, progressive muscle and nerve diseases (myasthenia, myotonia, polymyositis, myoclonus), functional disorders (neurosis, depression, vegetative disorders, asthenic, enuresis, aphalgia), peripheral nervous system diseases (osteochondrosis, neuritis, radiculitis, neuropathy) are examined and treated by professional neuropathologists.


Electroencephalography (EEG)

- It is the recording of the biopotentials emitted by our brain with the help of a computer. During the examination, there is no electric and radiation effect on the body.

- There is no negative effect on human health.


When is it used?

- In the diagnosis of neurological diseases;

- Migraine, cluster, tension, chronic headaches;

- Dizziness;

- Epilepsies and pathologies resulting in loss of consciousness;

- Nervousness, neurosis, depression, panic attack;

- Unexplained fatigue, rapid fatigue;

- Numbness in the limbs and other sensory disturbances, decrease in muscle strength, changes in gait, balance disorder, involuntary movements in the limbs, tics, tremors;

- Cerebrovascular diseases;

- Stroke;

- Cramps;

- Memory defects;

- Dementia;

- Sleep disorders;

- Parkinson’s disease;

- Hyperhidrosis;

- Sweating of the hands;

- Encephalopathies (diabetic, metabolic);

- Coma;

- Stuttering;

- Enuresis;

- During the meningitis and determination of age-related formation of the brain;

- Delay in speech development in children;

- EEG has an important role, especially in the detection of epilepsy, its types and the selection of treatment methods.

Neurology şöbəsinin həkimləri

Dr. Ismat Gasimzade

Neurologist, Director of Korean Oriental Medicine Clinic

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Dr. Nigar Heydarova


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