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Physiotherapy treatment of diseases such as musculoskeletal system, head, neck, shoulder, back, elbow pain, hernia, scoliosis, kyphosis is carried out in our clinic.

In the case of muscle diseases, Trigger Points (TP) are first determined for each muscle. Then, treatments are carried out with the help of Trigger points therapy (TP Therapy), myofascial therapy, functional massage, electrotherapy, therapeutic sports movements, stretching, and shock wave therapy methods. Initially, the main goal is to reduce pain by 40-50%.

The treatment of patients with scoliosis is based on Schroth 3D scoliosis therapy, a German technology. The main goal in the treatment of scoliosis in adults is to eliminate pain and discomfort when breathing.

BM-750, 760 (Biomed H2)

This method, called interferential current therapy, relieves and reduces muscle-spasm-like pains by using different medium frequencies (about 4000 Hz) from electrodes attached to the surface of the skin.

HM-801 Microwave Diathermy

The microwave diathermy device penetrates deeper into tissues and muscles, enhancing blood circulation. It provides heating even without overheating the skin.


Instructions for use:

- Muscle and joint pains;

- Neural pains.

NeoBath - LED infrared lamp

This low-energy device with long-term electric power has an effective impact in the treatment of the following diseases.


Instructions for use:

- Chronic inflammation of the prostate gland;

- Hemorrhoids;

- Constipation;

- Backaches;

- Gynecological diseases.

AUTOTENS SLG-3NP (low-frequency electrotherapy)

This device provides immediate pain relief by massaging the muscles with electricity, calming the nerves and improving blood circulation. By sending subtle electrical impulses through the skin to nerve endings, the device relieves both acute and chronic pain and resolves it over time.


Instructions for use:

- Neural pains;

- Treatment of paralysis.

Manual therapy

Free movement is ensured after this treatment method, which is prescribed to eliminate pains and spasms in the spine and muscle-joint system. The duration of therapy is defined at least 30 minutes.





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