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Official name: SEBA (Seoul-Baku) Azerbaijan-Korea Cultural Exchange Association Public Union.

Date of creation: November 29, 2004 (officially started operating by registering with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan).

Location: Baku city, Republic of Azerbaijan.

The main directions of activity: to implement a wide cultural exchange process between Azerbaijan and Korea. Over the years of its existence, this non-governmental organization has signed a number of cultural, scientific, medical, charitable, educational and other projects. The mentioned projects were carried out for the purpose of introducing Korean culture in Azerbaijan and at the same time promoting Azerbaijani culture in Korea. SEBA Association also participates in projects organized by the Korean side in various countries.

1. SEBA (Seoul-Baku) head office of Azerbaijan Korea Cultural Exchange Association;
2. "SEBA Phyto Medicine" - Oriental Medicine Clinic of Korea Kyung Hee University in Baku;
3. SEBA Association Training Center.

Total number of employees - 61 people;
Head Office and Training Center of SEBA - 15 people;
Eastern Medicine Clinic - 46 people.

Employees from Azerbaijan:
Azerbaijan Culture Fund
(Friends of Azerbaijan Culture Fund);
Azerbaijan Taekwondo Federation.

Collaborators by Korea: The Korea Foundation;
Kyung Hee University of Korea;
Turkey - Korea Cultural Exchange Association.

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