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For many persons, the word "dietitian" only means a specialist who prescribes various diets to patients for weight loss. In fact, the dietician is a designated physician, who identifies certain diseases and pathological conditions caused by excess body weight as well as closely participates in the selection of various nutritional options for overweight patients.

The following is carried out with the help a dietitian:

- Chemical and biological mechanisms of absorption of substances in the body are studied;

- Optimal diet is developed;

- Therapeutic nutrition prescribed to be followed at certain diseases is selected;

- Optimal diet is selected for children, the elderly and pregnant women;

- Diets are prescribed for patients undergoing rehabilitation after various operations and serious illnesses.


Diseases that require the help of a dietitian:

- Gastrointestinal tract pathologies;

- Cardiovascular diseases;

- Metabolic diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, diabetes mellitus, thyroid dysfunction, overweight or underweight indicators);

- Viral and infectious diseases.


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