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The cardiology department of the clinic is equipped with the most modern equipment of the world level. Examination and treatment of ischemic diseases of heart (angina, heart attack), heart failure, various types of heart rhythm disorders (tachycardia, bradycardia, blockages), hypertension, congenital and acquired heart defects, inflammatory diseases of the heart muscle (myocarditis, endocarditis, pericarditis), cardiomyopathies, etc. are carried out by specialized cardiologists in the cardiology room.


ECG (Electrocardiogram) (Cardioline)

ECG is a simple examination method widely used to study the activity of the heart muscle and conduction system. An ECG is a recording of electrical impulses from the heart on paper. With the help of this simple examination method, coronary heart disease (angina pectoris, heart attack), diseases of the conduction system of the heart (arrhythmias, blockades), electrolyte disturbances, etc. are accurately diagnosed.


Holter study of heart rate

Holter study is an examination method that allows you to evaluate cardiac activity and blood pressure within 24-48 hours while the patient continues his daily activities. The examination reveals the causes of rhythm disturbances and pain in the heart that occur in a short period of time and are not detected by other examination methods.


Echocardiography (EchoCG) (PHILIPS AFFINITI 50C)

Echocardiography – an ultrasound examination of the heart, is one of the main diagnostic methods of cardiology that allows for a comprehensive study of the heart and large vessels. The Affiniti system available in our clinic has the ability to perform the most difficult ultrasound tasks. The device also provides the possibility of echocardiography in children. The device is equipped with a high-definition display, the ability to write data to an internal disk or removable media. The non-invasiveness of the study, the absence of radiation, the possibility of its use in pregnant women and newborns allows this method to be widely used.

Cardiology şöbəsinin həkimləri

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Cardiologist-Specialist in Pediatric Echo

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Dr. Tunzala Afandiyeva


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