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- Thyroid disorders;

- Adrenal disorders;

- Diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus;

- Infertility caused by endocrine reasons;

- Obesity;

- Precocious sexual development in children;

- Stunned height are examined and treated in our clinic.


In the meantime, if you have complaints such as

- Thirst;

- Dry mouth;

- Frequent urination at night;

- Itching;

- Weight loss and weight gain (idiopathic);

- Hair loss;

- Broken nails;

- Acne;

- Sweating;

- Chills;

- Heart palpitations;

- Shortness of breath;

- Throat congestion;

- Excessive irritability;

- Crying for no reason;

- Numbness in the hands and feet;

- Menstrual cycle disorders;

-Bone ache you are recommended to immediately consult the experienced endocrinologists of our clinic.

Endocrinology şöbəsinin həkimləri

Dr. Naila Ahmadova


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