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Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Neurological and orthopedic diseases, spinal deformities in children are treated in the physiotherapy and rehabilitation department the treatment with the methods listed below and by means of the latest physiotherapeutic devices.


Treatment with Hiro TT laser device

Hiro TT, therapeutic laser device combined with high laser beams, controls the heat of the skin surface with the SmartCooler system operating in pulse mode.

Hiro TT laser device is the most advanced Hilterapia application, which is considered a new therapeutic method for the treatment of pain syndrome in acute, subacute and chronic locomotor and muscle pathologies.

Hiro TT combines the extremely high laser intensity (3kW and 15,000W / cm2) with the efficiency of heat exchange. A new therapeutic and innovative method based on the thermal exchange principle includes a special cooling system (SmartCooler) that lowers the temperature in the skin and subcutaneous tissues.

The key features of the device:

• High power and beam intensity (No other laser devices have this feature);

• Anti-inflammatory and edematous, restorative, regenerative and short-term pain-relieving effect;

• Thermal relaxation feature with tissue cooling system;

• Effective working principle that penetrates superficial and deep tissues.


Indications for use:

• Stretching of ligaments;

• Traumas;

• Tendinitis

• Plantar fasciitis;

• Cervical bronchialgia;

• Back pain;

• Cartilage arthrosis and degeneration;

• Bursitis;

• Arthritis;

• Capsulitis;

• Epicondylitis;

• Tendinitis and tendosynovitis;

• Edema and hematomas caused by trauma;

• Post-traumatic disorders;

• Adductor syndrome;

• Sports injuries;

• Inflammatory articular cartilage diseases.



• Blood diseases;

• Malignant tumors;

• Nodular goitre;

• High temperature.

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